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Low-flow statistics: New analyses for FOEN measurement stations

The first detailed station reports on the low-flow statistics are now available on the portal. The reports can be found on the pages of the respective measurement stations and will be made available for further stations in the coming weeks.

The reports serve as a basis for detailed analyses in the area of low flows and contain analyses of low-flow discharge as well as other parameters such as low-flow duration and deficit volume.

The detailed station reports are used to identify non-stationarities in the data and to get an overview of the calculated low flows, their duration and deficit volume for specified return periods. Two different calculation methods are used for the low-flow discharge, in order to assess the differences between the approaches.

In addition to a purely statistical evaluation of the low-flow data, the station reports also contain rough analyses of the station’s history and the influencing factors in the catchment area. This should enable improved classification of the statistical results.

A guide (avalaible in German, French and Italian) is provided to support the comprehensibility and readability of the station reports on low-flow statistics.

The results of these statistical analyses only form the basis for answering specific questions. In addition, detailed knowledge of the hydrological processes in the catchment area is also important.

Further information on the FOEN’s low-flow statistics

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