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The Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) operates the “Hydrological data and forecasts” website. This portal provides current and past hydrological data on rivers, lakes and groundwater in Switzerland as well as forecasts and flood warnings.

Published data and terms and conditions

Current and past monitoring data are published on the portal.

Questions and answers on the published data

The FOEN strives to publish correct data. However, it cannot be held liable for incorrect data. For more information, see the "Terms and conditions".

Further information

The federal government publishes public information on natural hazard warnings on its natural hazards portal www.natural-hazards.ch.

Other current data used by experts and crisis teams to manage events can be obtained from GIN, the Common information platform for natural hazards.
Common information platform for natural hazards (GIN)

Informations about the monitoring programmes

Background information on the FOEN’s monitoring programmes, methods and analyses related to water can be found on the FOEN's Web site:
Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN): Topic Water