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Disruptions due to maintenance work

In the coming months the technology at all the FOEN hydrometric stations will be completely renewed. During the maintenance work, temporary interruptions and disruptions may occur at the stations concerned. The work will take until autumn 2018.

Guideline: Protection against Mass Movement Hazards

This guideline explains the management of landslides, hillslope debris flows and rockfall processes. These natural hazards are identified and evaluated using state-of-the-art methods. The criteria of probability of occurrence and intensity are determined for the compilation of hazard maps.

Guideline: Protection against Mass Movement Hazards

Hydrological Yearbook of Switzerland 2016

The “Hydrological Yearbook” is published by the Federal FOEN and gives an overview of the hydrological situation in Switzerland:

Discharge, water level and water quality of the Swiss water bodies. Summary of the publication “Hydrologisches Jahrbuch der Schweiz 2016”

Hydrological Yearbook of Switzerland 2015

Swiss atlases move into the third dimension

The “Atlas of Switzerland” and the “Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland” are now available in digital format with 3D visualisations. Their development represents a global innovation on the part of Swiss cartography. The new atlases allow users to combine various spatial data sources and visualise them in a clear, accessible way.

Swiss atlases move into the third dimension. Press release, June 20, 2016.



Hydrological Data by SMS

It is possible to receive via SMS the current hydrological data from about 170 FOEN automatic gauging stations on Swiss watercourses and lakes.


Data, indicators and maps on the topic of water

From hydrological monitoring data and evaluation methods to printed maps, the FOEN provides many products on the topic of water.

Data, indicators and maps

Feedback form for the federal government’s warnings

Feedback form for the federal government's warnings


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